I love a woman and her name is Tracey Emin


A couple of weeks ago I went to see Tracey Emin’s new show, “A Fortnight of Tears”, at White Cube Bermondsey.


I’ve been a fan of Tracey’s work for a very long time now — from her neon signs and film pieces to her tapestries and embroideries. I’m always amazed at the ways she finds to put herself and her life experiences into her art.

This particular show centres around Tracey’s pain and in no other art piece this is more evident than in her early film “How It Feels” (1996). In it, we can see a shattered Tracey recounting the traumatic experience of an abortion. Her recollection of events is visceral. Brutal. But, at the same time, so delicate and so so so important.

The exhibition could not end on a better note. The film ties everything together, making you realise Tracey’s vulnerability throughout is not only a seminal part of her art, but of who she really is.