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The main goal of Read a Girl is to spread through the waves of the internet words written by amazing women that help us understand the world and ourselves a little bit better.

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Read a Girl #12: “The Hour of the Star”, Clarice Lispector

Read a Girl #11: “Notes to Self”, Emilie Pine

Read a Girl #10: “No One Belongs Here More Than You”, Miranda July

Read a Girl #9: “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”, Gail Honeyman

Read a Girl #8: “Sour Heart”, Jenny Zhang 

Read a Girl #7: “The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao”, Martha Batalha

Read a Girl #6: “You Know You Want This”, Kristen Roupenian

Read a Girl #5: “Fun Home”, Alison Bechdel

Read a Girl #4: “Kitchen”, Banana Yoshimoto

Read a Girl #3: “So Sad Today”, Melissa Broder

Read a Girl #2: “Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal”, Jeanette Winterson

Read a Girl #1: “A Little Life”, Hanya Yanagihara

Read a Girl #0: Hello and thank you for all the fish