For two days, ‘regular’ money remained inside the wallet and all expenditures were made with the digital currency in Berlin, the city with the largest number of bitcoin aficionados. Bureaucracy, however, still plays a large part in the process.
Homeless and activists form Berlin’s first ‘favela’
Amongst the modern and luxurious buildings popping out along the banks of the Spree river in Berlin, one wasteland draws the attention of the people passing by. The Cuvry, as it is called, has about 60 inhabitants who reject the term ‘favela’ and prefer to call it a ‘camp’.
Abandoned amusement park attracts Cold-Era aficionados in Berlin
In the middle of the Plänterwald forest, in the East part of the German capital, lies one of the most valuable hidden treasures from the time when Germany was divided in two: the Spreepark. Rusting between trees and mud, dinosaurs and swan-shaped boats are some of the few survivors of what was once one of the most popular parks in East Berlin.
The waiter brings a plate of raw meats (beef, chicken or pork), vegetables and bowls of sauces. He lights a stove and leaves the pan with the boiling water ready to cook. The rest is up to you. In Tokyo, the customer turns into the chef of the restaurant when it is time to eat shabu-shabu, a dish created in the mid-20th century in Osaka, in the southern part of Japan.
A tour of Liverpool: Above us only sky
More than 50 years have passed since four young lads from Liverpool got together and broke the monotony of the postwar period. Today, millions continue to visit the town from where John, Paul, George and Ringo left to conquer the world.

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20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall

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