Room 410

I had been working at the hospital for two months when I first heard about her. The unbelievably gorgeous woman in room 410. Nobody knew exactly what had happened to her and how long she had been there - all we knew is that it had been a long time. Such a long time that …

Street art in Bristol

Since I moved to London in 2016 I've been wanting to go to Bristol. I finally did so last weekend. And I LOVED it. My favourite part was the street art everywhere. So colourful and full of creativity. It reminded me a lot of my hometown in Brazil.

Here we go. Again.

So. I haven’t really used this space properly in, like, ever. The main reason is that I’ve always seen this blog as a more professional space and not as one of the many blogs I had before - those blogs had no rules, I wrote whatever was on my mind because who’s going to read …

10 places in São Paulo

Anyone who asks me where I am from I answer: "From the best city in Brazil". Sometimes this has led to some confusion with people who have never been to Brazil assuming it's Rio --I assure you: it's not. Jokes and city rivalries aside, it's no secret to anyone who knows me how passionate I …

Language disclaimer

I am a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker who has been living in the UK for almost two years. As my professional life here progresses, I decided to have more English content in my website. However, I still miss writing in Portuguese, so that is the reason why you will find blog posts in different languages.