Street art in Bristol

Since I moved to London in 2016 I've been wanting to go to Bristol. I finally did so last weekend. And I LOVED it. My favourite part was the street art everywhere. So colourful and full of creativity. It reminded me a lot of my hometown in Brazil.

Here we go. Again.

So. I haven’t really used this space properly in, like, ever. The main reason is that I’ve always seen this blog as a more professional space and not as one of the many blogs I had before - those blogs had no rules, I wrote whatever was on my mind because who’s going to read …

10 places in São Paulo

Anyone who asks me where I am from I answer: "From the best city in Brazil". Sometimes this has led to some confusion with people who have never been to Brazil assuming it's Rio --I assure you: it's not. Jokes and city rivalries aside, it's no secret to anyone who knows me how passionate I …

Language disclaimer

I am a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker who has been living in the UK for almost two years. As my professional life here progresses, I decided to have more English content in my website. However, I still miss writing in Portuguese, so that is the reason why you will find blog posts in different languages.

10 lugares em Londres

Em setembro de 2014 eu mudei temporariamente para Londres para fazer um estágio exigido pelo meu mestrado. Na época eu ainda estava tão apaixonada por Berlim que os três meses em Londres pareciam uma eternidade. Tomada por uma nostalgia prematura, eu escrevi aqui sobre meus lugares favoritos na capital alemã. Anos passaram, a vida mudou …